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Offshore Company Jurisdictions

There are many companies setting up their offshore operations in today’s global economy. There are various MNCs and small to medium sized companies who are based on offshore. Similarly, many self employed people are running offshore companies and are offering their services around the world. There are many reasons that businessmen are opting to incorporate offshore companies e.g. low taxes, ease of company formation and ongoing compliance, transparent and efficient legal system and access to world-class financial institutes.

There are many factors to be considered while setting up an offshore business. To choose the right offshore company jurisdiction, critical elements like business environment, costs, ease of company formation, bureaucracy levels and tax regime need to be taken into account.

There are many benefits for a company to incorporate an offshore entity. They main advantage is the easier business administration. Businesses that are constrained by the convoluted legislation, red tape and compliance-related hurdles in their own countries often choose to incorporate an offshore company. Tax rates, regulatory requirements, and economic incentives differ greatly from country to country.

Choosing the right jurisdiction for incorporating a business should therefore be done keeping these considerations in mind. Business incorporation takes very little time these days and the administrative tangles are minimal with most of them being handled by a company agent. All you need to do is make use of the company incorporation services offered by a consultancy that specializes in the field.

The general business climate should be pro-business and pro-talent and this is usually reflected in a country’s immigration policies, regulatory environment, and the openness of its people. It is important to choose a jurisdiction that not only ensures the availability of excellent infrastructure but also enforces policies and laws that promote entrepreneurship and commerce.

Offshore business incorporation can be highly profitable as a wide-variety of shares, bonds, commodities and other financial instruments can be held and managed through a single offshore company. Moreover, investments made through an offshore company are generally exempted from tax on the income from the investments.

Cyprus is a good place to incorporate for most Europeans as it has the lowest tax rates in Europe. It does have various TIEAs and double tax agreements in place but still it offers many benefits to small, medium and large corporations. Cypress is very attractive to individuals and companies all around the world as it is part of the European Union. In Cyprus, nominee shareholders and directors for anonymity can also be used and if the Cyprus Company is nonresident, the corporate tax is exempted.


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