What is Effi Enterprises?

This guest post was written by Efraim Landa

Effi Enterprises

Effi Enterprises

Efraim Landa understands what it is like to be an entrepreneur. Mr. Landa co-founded Effi Enterprises in 1993; since that time, Effi Enterprises has been assisting entrepreneurs and start-up companies in a wide variety of ways.

 The mission of Effi Enterprise is to create value for their customers. They know how difficult it can be to get a company off the ground and keep it up. Mr. Landa’s past experiences in business ventures and entrepreneurship helped him determine how to help emerging companies. Effraim Landa presently serves as president of Effi Enterprises which has offices located in both the United States and Israel.

How Can Effi Enterprises Help?

Each new business has a multitude of ideas to get started with. However, entrepreneurs have a very difficult task ahead of themselves because business can be very complex and difficult at best. When the daily operations of a business distracts from focusing on the primary goals of the business Effi Enterprises can help the emerging company refocus and get back on the path of the company’s main purpose. Effi Enterprises can help a company through various types of hands-on managerial and leadership interventions and activities.

Effi Enterprises can also help a business with the various types of funding such as business divestures. They are very experienced in securing private equity financing. Their goals are to help emerging companies reach their operational goals through strategic planning and implementation.

Mr. Landa and Effi Enterprises has a wide base of experience in many different types of growing companies. They can assist a company in many ways no matter how mature the company is. Their wide experience base also includes high tech medical companies with which they are very familiar.

What Types of Assignments Can Effi Enterprises Handle?

The broad experience base with a wide variety of emerging companies has helped provide Effi Enterprises with the expertise to do a wide range of business related tasks. Efraim Landa has founded or co-founded several companies and he has the knowledge and experience necessary to help an emerging company be successful in many financial and business ventures.

The tasks that Effi Enterprises can tackle are tailor made for the individual needs of the business and they can be as involved as necessary. Experts can help establish a service network, dealer network or a direct sales force. They are qualified to assist in the preparation or review of business plans or financial projections. For companies who need help on the financial end of things they can provide divestiture strategies or marketing strategies to increase revenue. Assistance is offered for those businesses which need to negotiate licensing arrangements or need to find capital sources such as angel money. Company’s needs vary and Effi Enterprises can take on any level of assignment needed to help an emerging company be successful. This may include either long term or short term management assistance for the company. They are dedicated to helping each emerging company in the way or ways that benefit them most.


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